Increasing Visits, Comments, and Hits

This is for the student blogging challenge week 8.

I have recently hit one hundred comments, which I am very proud of. But some people have some trouble trying to get comments.

I am also about to reach 2000 hits, so be prepared for a post about that too.

Some people ask me,

“How come you get so many comments on your blog?”

So I tell them some easy few steps.

1. Make sure to write a post at least once a week to keep your regular readers interested in posts, so they will comment.

2. At the end of your posts, ask a question for your readers to answer. When I do that I tend to get way more comments than usual.

3. Go onto other peoples blogs, leave a comment with your blog link, and they might respond to you.

And that is how to get more comments.

There is also the question,

“How do you get so many hits?”

So I also give them some other tips.

1. Tell people you know that you have put a new post on, and they will probably check it out. So you will get more hits.

2. If you can, add a subscribe button so then every time you add a post, people will get a new email saying that you have put a new post on, and they will see it. So you will get more hits.

3. If you don’t think you are getting enough hits, just use word of mouth. Eventually everyone will know about your blog, and you will be getting more hits.

So these are a few easy tips to get more hits and comments on your blog!

Can you think of any other ideas that would help get comments or hits on your blog? Leave a comment below.

Stay Posted,

Gemma xx