I’m Back!

I’m back!

I’m so sorry I haven’t been blogging, theres really no excuse, sorry!
So now that I’m back, I will blog again, about anything and everything. So this post is about…


I’m sure we all love new friends. Starting year 7 this year has made me have new friends, and I have met so many new people! Making new friends is fun, and hard at the same time. So heres my way to make new friends.

1. Start by saying hello, and what your name is. I once made the mistake of not asking someone their name, and I knew them very well, but I didn’t know their name! So make sure to ask them what their name is to, to avoid awkwardness when introducing them to your current friends.

2. What are they interested in? Ask them by talking about what you did on the weekend, such as playing netball, and ask them if they like it too. Who knows, you might be playing them this weekend!

3. Other stuff. So you probably have got to know this person pretty well know, but a good thing to ask is ‘what class are you in?’ Or if you don’t go to the same school, ask them what school they go to and what year level they are in. You might want to know how old they are too.

4. Now that you know this person, you should be able to have conversations about whatever you like!

Blogging is such a fun thing, and I have missed it so much!

Stay Posted,

Gemma xx


Twilight vs Harry Potter – My vote









Twilight vs Harry Potter, one of the biggest book debates ever. I am definitely a Twilight fan though. I have read almost all of Harry Potter, but I stopped in the middle of the fifth, and I have read all of Twilight and seen all the movies a million times. Yes Harry Potter is a classic series that everyone knows, but so is Twilight.

One of the main reasons I love twilight is because it covers so many genres – romance, action, fantasy, vampires, warewolves, (Got to love Jacob Black) comedy, (Alice, Emmet and Eric to name a few) and definitely drama, drama, and more drama. As for Harry Potter, here is my idea on what it was about-

Book 1-7: Something is in risk. Harry plays quidditch. EXPELLIAMUS! Harry, Hermoinie and Ron meet Voldemort. Someone dies. EXPELLIAMUS! Harry and Voldemort cast a few spells. EXPELLIAMUS! Harry survives, and Voldemort disappears to come back to the next book. Repeat.

The only genres of Harry Potter is wizards, magic and fantasy, which in my world means nothing. In Twilight the genres make you want to be Bella, and if you’re like me, you put yourself into her shoes, and wish that you could see go through everything in real life.
As for Twilight, every book has a different storyline that is so interesting. I could go on and on for pages about every book, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who is about to start reading the best book ever. (I mean Twilight by the way.)
An also extra bonus of Twilight is the witty comedy in some of the characters lines. For example, Emmet says to Bella- (SPOILER ALERT) “I hope you’ve had a lot of sleep over these past 18 years, because I don’t think you’ll be getting much more.” That is one of my favourite lines, and there are many more.
I remember waking up early every morning the first time I read Breaking Dawn to read a few chapters. That was in winter. That means something to me, because I was prepared to miss my extra half hour in the morning in bed, slowly getting used to the cold, to read. That is the first time in my life that that happened. I was so attached that when I woke up, the first thing I thought about, looked at, and saw was the Twilight series.
Another great thing about Twilight is that Bella actually goes to a normal school, not some place that doesn’t exist. It’s realistic. The vampires are re-invented. It is now rid of the coffins, and bring on the sparkle skin!

Oh, And the movies. I have to say I like Edward and Bella together, but I am TEAM JACOB! The actors are amazing to watch, and I could have a twilight marathon 365 days a year, and 366 on a leap year.

I hope you enjoyed my opinion on a big book debate that will be lasting for quite a while until the new book phenomenon comes around.

Stay Posted,

Gemma xx





Australia Day 2012


Happy Australia Day!


Australia Day. What does it represent?

Australia Day is the celebration of the first fleet in Australia, back on the 26th of January, 1788. There were 11 convict ships, and they landed at Sydney Cove.

What happens on Australia Day?

In Geelong at Eastern Beach and Rippleside Park, lots of things happen. These are-

  • The Festival of Sails starting,
  • Rides,
  • Face painting and Horse Rides for the little kids,
  • A flag raising ceremony,
  • Live music,
  • Lots of food stalls,
  • Australian Citizenship Ceremonies,
  • Fireworks,
  • A variety of toy stands and much more!
And at Torquay Beach the Havaianas Thong Challenge is on. People who have registered have a giant inflatable thong, and go out to famous Australian Beaches, relax on the water, and  try and get the record for most people each year. The current record is 2068. This is held all over Australia.
For my Australia Day I went to Eastern Beach, walked around the waterfront, and had fun!

What did you do for Australia Day?

Stay Posted,

Gemma xx


http://freeaussiestock.com/free/Australiana/slides/australian_flag.htm – Australian Flag

New Header


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As it is a new year, and I am starting secondary school, I have decided to make a new header for my blog. “Now, what should I think about putting on my blog?” I asked myself. “I have a lot of interests, but I have to narrow down to a few. What should I pick?”

I had a few ideas. These were….





Friends and


I had a lot to choose from. 

But I decided on three. Friends, writing and photography.

I spent quite a while making this header, and I think it looks great! Here it is…….

I also made a new avatar, and it is on the sidebar.


What do you think?

I really like this header a lot, I think it looks great! I used a photo that I took, One of me and my two best friends, Ruby and Ebony, and a picture that I had taken of  a writing book and a pen. (By clicking on the link you can go on Ruby’s blog) I took all the pictures myself, which I am very proud of.

I hope you like this header too. It will be my header until I decide to change again!

Stay Posted,

Gemma xx



School’s Over!


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As I said, school is over! I have now finished Year 6 and my primary school education. Next year I am off to secondary school.

My last day was very exciting. All the Year 6’s went to Adventure Park  on an excursion, and we could go anywhere for the day. My friend Ebony and I spent most of the day together, going on the rides. My favourite ride was the Aqua Racer, because you had to slide down a giant water slide on your stomach on a board. It was pretty high at the top, so I was a bit nervous. But I went down and it was so much fun!

Then we ate lunch, went on some more things, and then we finished.

On the bus ride back, everyone was talking about the great year that we had and how we were leaving onto a new time at high school.

When we had got back, everyone had to say bye, which was sad because I had to say goodbye to one of my best friends Ruby, as she is in Year 6 next year.

Later that day, all the Year 6’s had their graduation ceremony. Our theme was ‘Lean on Me’, and that is what we walked in to. Then we had all the graduation things, like certificates, prayers, blessings and so on. At the end all the 6’s had prepared a dance performance, and it was so much fun! These were the songs, and there was about a minute of each.

1. Thriller/Heads will Roll by Glee – That was my group and our dance turned out really well!

2. Tonight, Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae– That was another group of girls, and it looked really cool.

3. LMFAO Mashup– Most of the boys did this one, and it was shuffling, shuffling, and more shuffling.

4. Dynamite by Taio Cruz– This looked really good. There was boys and girls dancing to this one, and I thought it was really upbeat and fun.

5. Good Feeling by Flo Rida- Our finale song. We belted out the lyrics, and then skipped around the church, and threw out streamers to the crowd.

Then our graduation was over, and primary school too.


I will keep going with posts, as I now have a free 12 month Pro Subscription!


Stay Posted,

Gemma xx

Vote for Gemma’s Blog as Best Student Blog! And Clairvaux Connects too!

Guess what?

I’m on the shortlist for the Edublogs Awards, as Best Student Blog! So click on the links in the photos below or in the sidebar at the top on each side, and vote for me for Best Student Blog!




Clairvaux Connects (My School Blog) also got nominated, so…

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How to Vote for Me!


To vote you have to follow these easy steps.

1. Click on the ‘Vote for Me’ icon.

2. Go into categories, and click on ‘Best Student Blog’ in the drop down box.

3. After that is clicked, it should come up with a drop down box saying ‘Best Student Blog’. Click on that drop down box, and pick  ‘Gemma’s Blog’.

4. Press Vote!


And That is How to Vote for ME!


To vote for Clairvaux Connects, you do the same, but go into ‘Best Class Blog’ in categories, and then ‘Clairvaux Connects- 5/6 Students’, to vote for us.

Good luck to Everyone, especially Clairvaux Connects and my blog,

Stay Posted,


Gemma xx


Blog Action Day-Food!


Okay, so you’re probably thinking, what is Blog Action Day? Heres the link- http://blogactionday.org/

Blog Action Day is where all bloggers come together to talk about a certain topic, and there have been different topics, like water, poverty, and so on. This year Blog Action Day (also known as BAD) is on the same day as World Food Day, so therefore, the topic is..


I have decided to do a post about the pro’s and con’s on takeaway junk food chain stores, like KFC, McDonalds, Hungry Jacks and so on.

There are some pro’s of this late twentieth to now phenomenon called ‘Takeaway Junk Food’, but the cons weigh higher.

The pro’s of franchises are…

  • It’s quick and fast-convienence,
  • People think it tastes nice, therefore they see it as a treat,
  • It’s easier to go to a drive through, order what you want, and have it to you in a very quick period of time.
  • And it’s cheap.

Although, there is lot’s of con’s. For example-

  • The calories, fat content, artifical colours and flavours and so on.
  • This food can make you gain weight, feel sluggish and ‘bleaugh-ish’ for a while,
  • They have no nutritional value, therefore you will not be getting the nutrients you need,
  • Some of the colours, and flavourings they put in can be harmful to your health, and
  • Junk food can lead to liver and kidney problems.

Junk food is seen everywhere, you can’t get away from it. Franchises like KFC, Dominoes and McDonalds search for teenagers looking for their first job, and most of them after seeing backstage of these chains swear to never eat it again.


Because they see the frying, chemicals, and the unhygenic kitchens.  I won’t dive too deep into this topic, because I don’t know much about it.

I personally think that junk food is something that you can have occasionally, but not every day.

So next time you head out for dinner at any fast food chain, just think- is it that hard to make a freshly prepared home meal?

Comment on your thoughts about Junk Food, and I will reply.

Stay Posted,

Gemma xx

Image 2-food-by brainware3000 on Flickr.




What are you doing this holidays?

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As I just said, my holidays have been great. I have had a fun time. I went to see a movie with my friends after school finished, I’ve been sleeping in, I went to Melbourne, and other things too.

Although, I have found a new love for something – photography! I love taking pictures, and I found a setting called digital macro where you can take a picture of something small in the foreground (front bit) and have a far away background.

I decided to make a little video of pictures I have been taking, and I hope you enjoy!

Digital Macro Pictures on PhotoPeach

So I ask you a question-

What are you doing on your holidays, and have you found something new that you love?

Leave a comment below to answer this question.

Stay Posted,

Gemma xx


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Okay, so you’re probably thinking why do I have a giant 1000 logo? Well, I have reached 1000 hits on my blog! I woke up this morning, checked my blog, and there was exactly 1000 on my hit counter. I’m really happy, because that must mean that people like my blog and want to keep coming back. I must be doing something right then!

On another note, my school had its annual Book Fair this week and it was great! We held it in our new library, and we had Clifford the big red dog around, the juniors loved him. I bought a cookbook, (like I said in my very  first post, I like cooking!) and then another book called ‘It’s my year passbook’ which is where you fill in certain information that the page asks you, for example “what are your fears?”, and then you would pass it on to your other friends to fill it out too. To hear more  about my school’s book fair, you can go to my school’s blog and have a look. (Clairvaux Connects)

Well, that’s all and make sure to…

Stay Posted!


My Confirmation!

On Sunday I had my last sacrament of Initiation, which was Confirmation. I was really excited, and couldn’t wait to be confirmed as a Catholic.

Firstly when I woke up in the morning and started eating breakfast, my mum gave me a charm bracelet watch:

And then I spent all morning getting ready. My sister, (my sponsor) parents and my mum’s parents came to the church for the confirmation mass that went for about an hour and a half.

My friends and I took a few photos, and we were really excited.  Then, the moment came. I kneeled up on the stairs, said what I needed to say, and in a matter of 10 seconds it was over.

After the mass, it was time to celebrate! The people who came to the church as well as my Uncle and cousins came to my house and ate lots of food.

At the end of the day, I was so tired and happy, and now I know I made the right decision to confirm my religion.