My Mime Video

Firstly, sorry I haven’t blogged for a while.

Secondly, well….let’s just get to the post.

In ICT last term, we had to make a demonstration of our learning across any area. Ruby M, Montana and I (5/6 BV) decided to do a video on…


Yes, we did mime. I really enjoy drama, and so did Ruby and Montana, so we decided to make a mime video, because that was what we were learning during drama.

We had to film an introduction, make up our content, and practise! But the best bit was probably filming our content because it was really fun.

So here’s the video!

Mime from Gemma on Vimeo.


What did you think? Leave a comment below.

Stay posted,

Gemma xx

8 thoughts on “My Mime Video

  1. Great production and excellent use of technology Gemma! I see you have learned how to upload using Vimeo. You will be able to create more movies now. I’m impressed that you all managed to act out the scene without talking. Did everyone in the class have to do a mime? That would have been hard for some – ha, ha! Just joking.
    You are all very talented actors.
    Mrs N

  2. Congratulations girls.
    That was a great video.
    I loved the idea.
    I can appreciate that it was hard not to talk but that’s the strength of the mime. You body’s actions communicate for you not words.
    As a point next time of you want both people in the frame don’t place them so far apart. Moving the table closer to the cupboards would have made it easier to capture both the person seated as well as the person at the cupboards.
    Mrs V

  3. Nice work, Gemma.
    Miming is pretty hard but you seem to be good at it. Also congratulations on gett 2000 hits!
    Seeya Joe 🙂

  4. Dear Gemma,
    Why were you doing mime?
    By Jarrod
    I liked your acting and actions.
    By Michael
    What was your mime about?
    By Saskia
    I loved the girls in your mime.
    By Ninebra
    I liked that you chose a Tea Party.
    By Mycalah
    Thanks Gemma we love logging onto your blog. Keep up the great work.
    From Bridgette and 1/2 PB

    • Jarrod: I was doing mime for ICT. We had to make a video demonstration of learning in a learning area.
      Michael: Thanks!
      Saskia: My mime was about a dinner party gone wrong.
      Ninebra: Thanks! Their names are Montana and Ruby. You might see them around school.
      Mycala: Thanks, we all came up with the idea together.
      Bridgette: Thanks! and I will definitely keep it up.

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