Story Bird-Tweet Tweet!

One of my favourite web 2.0 tools is Story Bird.

Story Bird is another tool I have found through blogging group, and it’s amazing! Instead of just typing up a long wordy story on word, with this you can pick a picture series, add whichever ones you want, and put in your words too! It’s very simple and easy, and I love playing around with it. A lot of kids in my class have been playing around with it too, and I’m pretty sure they all enjoy it too. They use it for puplishing their writing peices.

Storybird is something that all of you guys should check out too, and have a play around. These are two quick Storybirds I made – the first one is about a town where there are cute little creatures, and the second one is about a girl named Lilly who likes to dream. Hope you enjoy them!  Have a look and see! 

Tottertown. on Storybird

The Dreamers. on Storybird

Stay Posted, 

Gemma xxP.S – you can check out the September Challenge 3 and I did this for that anyway!

3 thoughts on “Story Bird-Tweet Tweet!

  1. Hi Gemma,
    You have added another tool to your Web 2.0 toolbox.
    I noticed that you used rhyme in your ‘Dreamers’ Storybird which worked well. It amazes me how different and creative these stories can be.
    To embed your Storybirds in your blog, click on the Embed & Badges link above each book on the Storybird site and choose the code for the Regular size, then paste in the HTML on your post.
    Mrs N

  2. Hi,

    I really love Storybird. I’ve never been on it before though. Do you have to sign up or something? Is it easy to put it on your blog?? Thanks


    • Hi Kayla,
      Yes you do have to sign up (it’s free, fast and simple though) and when you make them you have to make them public and then wait for it to be approved, then there is a embed button. I used the regular size instead of large because large was too big.


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