Digital Footprint

So you’re probably now wondering what a digital footprint is. Let me explain.

Digital Footprints store a lot about every person in the world. For example, files, online things you have either signed up for, your name has been written on or anything else, and anything to do with you that is important. 

If on Google for instance, you search your name, you will probably find something related to you. If I search for a post of mine like ‘My Excursion to Chinatown!’ it will come up with my post.

Anything you do online is kept in a digital file. From when you’re six and are signing up for Club Penguin, to when you are 36 and buying something off ebay. 

Other things can be kept in a digital footprint too. The date, time and place you were born, your full name, texts and phone calls you make, emails and photos you send, and many more.

If you want to find out more about your digital footprint, you can go to the Student Blogging Challenge 3 (I had to do this as a part of the challenge) and have a look!

Stay Posted,

Gemma xx


One thought on “Digital Footprint

  1. Hi Gemma,

    It’s a little scary to think that your digital footprint stays online all your life – that’s why we have to be very careful what we do online. I love your graphics to go with your post and also liked the way you explained what a digital footprint was.

    Mrs N

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