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Today is Easter Sunday, and today is a day where families gather, have an “Easter Lunch or Dinner”, share gifts (chocolate) and more importantly, celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

Easter has become such a big thing, all around the world. Even in countries that don’t have a majority of Christians. In 2012, commercialism is something that is just a “fact of life” nowadays. And this is what has happened with Easter. You might ask to yourself when you are eating all those easter bunnies, “What does an Easter egg have to do with the fact that Jesus died for us then rose again?” What does it symbolise?


Anyways, in my family Easter is a day where the whole family gets together, eats a lot of food, and gives one another chocolate.  Usually we celebrate with one part of the family on Easter Sunday, then on Easter Monday we go to the other side. Easter is a lot of fun in my family, and we all have fun catching up with everyone who we might not have seen in a while. I know my pantry is already full with chocolate, and I still have more to go!

 So even if you don’t believe in the Jesus aspect of easter, I hope you all have a great day filled with fun and enjoyment.

Stay Posted,


Gemma xx