When we think about it, we do live in our own communities.

But Where We Live Does Not Mean We

Cannot Connect With Others. 

We can connect by heritage, culture, where you live and so much more.
So I have decided for week 2 of the student blogging challenge instead of going to other blogs and leaving questions just about themselves, I decided that I was going to ask a few questions for you to answer about where you live. So if you have a blog, you could write a post about it, and put the link in a comment, or if you don’t, maybe you could just leave a comment with the answers.

So here are the questions -

1. Which city, state or country do you live in?

2. What “Global Connections” do you think you could make just by thinking about yourself?

3. What does your city, state or country do to improve “Global Connections”?

4. How can you develop “Global Connections”?

5. How do you make a difference to our world by having these “Global Connections”?

In Australia, we can connect so easily because of our multicultural diverse community. You only have to go to a main street to find restaurants of many different countries, such as Indian, Italian, Thai, Japanese, Greek and so forth. You can also meet so many different people with many different heritages. That is one of the reasons Australia is known as a multicultural mixing pot.

So please answer my questions and…

Stay Posted,

Gemma xx