Happy Australia Day!


Australia Day. What does it represent?

Australia Day is the celebration of the first fleet in Australia, back on the 26th of January, 1788. There were 11 convict ships, and they landed at Sydney Cove.

What happens on Australia Day?

In Geelong at Eastern Beach and Rippleside Park, lots of things happen. These are-

  • The Festival of Sails starting,
  • Rides,
  • Face painting and Horse Rides for the little kids,
  • A flag raising ceremony,
  • Live music,
  • Lots of food stalls,
  • Australian Citizenship Ceremonies,
  • Fireworks,
  • A variety of toy stands and much more!
And at Torquay Beach the Havaianas Thong Challenge is on. People who have registered have a giant inflatable thong, and go out to famous Australian Beaches, relax on the water, and  try and get the record for most people each year. The current record is 2068. This is held all over Australia.
For my Australia Day I went to Eastern Beach, walked around the waterfront, and had fun!

What did you do for Australia Day?

Stay Posted,

Gemma xx


http://freeaussiestock.com/free/Australiana/slides/australian_flag.htm – Australian Flag