This Term in Inquiry, our topic was ‘Design’. We could choose from Computer Animation, Toymaking, Food, Fashion and House Design.

Guess what I picked?


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 That’s right, I picked Fashion. I really enjoy designing and making clothes, so I thought that it would be good.

In Fashion, our brief was ‘Design and create a fashion item by changing an existing item (old or new)’

So I decided to change an old, boring, black t-shirt, into a new fun playful design to wear anywhere.

This was my design.

So we spent three weeks designing, making and evaluating. I loved making my top. Here’s an extract from each of my sections.


What product am I designing?

‘I am designing a t-shirt pattern made out of a coloured theme of circular buttons around the outside of a material-made heart.’


‘What are your steps?’

1. Create design on t-shirt, then applique on.

2. Organise pattern on heart with buttons.

3. Hand sew all of the buttons on!

4. Wear!

‘What are the measurements, cost, and length of time you will need to make your product?’

Measurements- Heart, draw on piece of paper, (only half) fold in half, cut around the outline you drew, then put on applique, and cut out applique paper, iron on to material, peel off paper, and iron on to garment!

Cost- FREE! I had everything at home.

Length of time- 2 – 3 weeks


We had to list all the changes from our original design.

Change #1-

I changed from sewing the heart on to applique because…

It was easier and more simple.

Change #2-

I changed the way I was sewing on the buttons to a more complex way because…

They kept coming off.


Once we had finished our product, we had to evaluate everything we had done.

1.  How does your fashion item compare with your design?

I think it compares well, because the design and top are the same.

2. Test your item-

I tested it and it fits perfectly and looks great!

3. Is there something special about your design?

I think something special about my design is the buttons because I have never seen anything like it before. It also gives it a personal statement.

4. How could have you improved your design?

I think I could have thought through more of how I would sew on my buttons because they kept coming off until I learnt a new technique.

5. What modifications did you have to make?

Apart from sewing on the buttons differently, nothing.

6. Does your item fit the brief?

Yes. I changed an old black t-shirt into a completely new fashion statement!

What next?

 Instead of having a boring old presentation that everyone gets tired of hearing, the teachers decided to have a Try, Try Again’ Design Expo. Toy Making had a ‘Toyworld’, Computer Animation had an ‘Animation Loop’, House Design put everything on display, Food had a cooking process demonstration and guess what Fashion had…


 If you guessed a Fashion Show you’re right! I walked with Amy and Georgia, and we rocked it! (Click on the links to go to their blogs) Georgia cut and decorated a pair of jeans into shorts, and Amy decorated a pair of jeans with sequins, and she also added some iron ons to a  top.

If you watch the video, you can see my design commentary.

Fashion Show! from Gemma on Vimeo.

Afterwards we had fruit punch made by the people in Food Design, then our Inquiry for Term 4 and 2011 was over :(

Stay Posted,

Gemma xx

What did you do for your inquiry?

If you didn’t do anything, what would you have done?