Wow, what a day I had on Tuesday! My class went to China Town on a multi-cultural excursion, which was so much fun!

Firstly we had to be on the bus to get there, which took about an hour and a half. Caitlyn and I talked the entire way about different things, and drew in my sketchbook.

Once we finally got to China Town, we went to the musem, which was really fun, except for the stairs :) Our tour guide, Gabriel, walked us through many different aspects of Chinese culture, and also migration. We went into a simulated boat- like room which was the same as if we were on a small boat coming to Australia from China. It was so small, and the rocking felt so real! It was very squashy.

Then we saw the millenium dragon, one of the biggest in the world. It takes about 45 people to hold it and it was really pretty. We got a class photo, and then we moved upstairs.

Upstairs was the culture of China. We learnt about:

  • Binding feet- which is where the arches of your feet got broken and all the toes except for the big one were bent underneath the foot (luckily it stopped in the early 20th century.)
  • Chinese weddings – They would go for 12 days long, full of dresses that the bride had made . . .  and
  • Chinese medical herbs -they smelt delicious.

After we had finished looking around the museum, we went in to the actual China Town! It was amazing, and everything made you feel like you were in China. My supervisior bought paper lanterns for myself and the others in my group. They were very pretty, and there were so many to choose from!

Once we had walked around China Town and all it had to see, we had to go back to school :( . I had a great day, and would just like to say if it weren’t for the teachers and parents who came, we wouldn’t have been able to go, so a big thankyou to all the staff for organising it, and the parents for coming to supervise us.

China Town Excursion on PhotoPeach

What did you think of China Town, and what souvenir would you buy?

Stay Posted,