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My name is Caitlyn and I am your guest blogger. Today I am going to talk about music! Now we all know that Gemma loves to sing and she also loves music. So I decided to join in and tell you the lastest music.

It’s been told that ‘Party Rock Anthem’ is the new hit song but not everyone seems to think so.  I personaly like UK singer Adele’s song ‘Rolling  in the Deep’. ‘Rolling in the Deep’ is a great song! It’s really good and if I do say so myself- awesome! It’s about how Adele had just been in a breakup and she is saying that she can handle it and she is better off without him.

Tell me what your top 10 favourite songs are in the comments below and I will reply to you!

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Hey Guys, It’s just me Gemma here. That’s one of my best friends Caitlyn’s first post ever and I am really happy for her so make sure to leave your comments below to make Caitlyn a happy chappy :)

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