The colour of Nervousness: Dark Violet.

This post is about a snapshot (cheese!) that I wrote last term about being nervous. It is based on a true story of me, and how I was super nervous when I sang for a competition in our school called ‘Clairvaux’s Got Talent’. I made it a little bit more larger than life and said I sang in front of the whole school when it was only half, but that’s why I said it was BASED on a true story!

Here it is:


I’m standing up, ready to walk on stage. I can feel the butterflies fluttering in my stomach, it’s like a ton of bricks is pulling me down. I try to relax, not very easy when you’re just about to sing in front of about 500 people. I can feel the power of a knife stabbing me in the stomach, now I’m so nervous my knees are nobbling. I have no idea how I got on this stage, microphone in hand. 1000 single eyes staring right at me. The music has started. My heart is in my throat. I start singing. No-one is laughing at me, thank God. I start to feel a little bit better. I sing a bit louder, stand a bit straighter, and it feels amazing. I finish my last word. Everyone is applauding me. I’m in a good spot right now – dreaming about my singing competition.

So, what did you think? Make sure to leave your comments below, and I would also enjoy your constructive criticism.

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